Fredriksten 1660


Fredriksten fortress is a grand and mighty view where it rests on its rocky throne overlooking Halden town. A grandiose scene, like something out of legend or a Wagnerian fantasy. In the darkness of night a soft and enticing light washes over the mount, veiling the ghosts of past battles…
One might wonder how it all began – why, and how was this great fortress built here, and what has happened throughout its 350 years of existence?

This is what the historical audio-visual experience will give you a dramatized version of. With the help of actors, animations and powerful sound effects, you will get a short but effective description of events, such as construction, warring, fires, daily life, modern times, and so on – all without the use of a commentary track. The experience lasts approximately 11.5 minutes and uses the old stone walls of the central fortress as display screens. We guarantee that you will leave one experience richer!

There is a certain chronology to the events shown, and you may notice a number in the top of the picture representing the year the event takes place. This way you can keep track of the different events and reference the content of this website.

Visningstider historisk lysspill

  • Kl 1900 i perioden 10. okt – 19. mars
  • Kl 2100 i perioden 20. mars – 10. april
  • Kl 2200 i perioden 11. april – 8. mai
  • Kl 2300 i perioden 9. mai – 6. juni
  • Kl 2400 i perioden 7. juni – 7. juli
  • Kl 2300 i perioden 8. juli – 7. aug
  • Kl 2200 i perioden 8. aug – 31. aug
  • Kl 2100 i perioden 1. sept – 9. okt

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