The historical audio-visual experience at Fredriksten fortress was established in the autumn of 2011 according to the fortress’ 350 year jubilee. The experience is part of a greater Interreg (EU) project in the Skagerrak-region called IKON. The project has partly been financed through this project and partly by local sponsors. Total project cost was approximately 2 million NOK.
What we hope to achieve is to give visitors a dramatised, short introduction to the most important events in the fortress’ genesis and history, with emphasis on describing the atmosphere and time of events. The entire experience is without commentary.
The experience is entirely free of charge and runs every night all year round. Because the experience is depends on a dark environment, the time of the experience is adjusted once a month during the summer months. Reference the timetable.
The experience can also be started manually by approved personnel.

During the course of this project ODIN MEDIA has contributed to and been responsible for the total project progress. In addition to the primary role as project manager, ODIN MEDIA has had responsibility for aquicitions and subcontractors.ODIN MEDIA is one of the leading communication agencies in Østfold. Fields of specialty consists of design, web solutions, social media and strategic consultancy. A total of 16 dedicated employees work as hard as they can to tell stories and solve problems for agency’s customers.
Based on a disposition on Fredriksten fortress’ history – Netron has refined idea into movie experience. Netron has been responsible for the storyboard, project management, greenscreen studio shooting, editing, production and post of the audio visual experience. Netron has also advised on the technical installation and calibration of the AV-equipment for the installation.Netron is a digital creative agency with 10 years of experience in web development, web hosting, animation, movie production, 3D modeling and animation and content production. They solve a wide variety of jobs which both demand and result in a wide variety of skills. – contact Jørgen Aanonsen – 0047 99575195
YIT’s audio-visual department in Halden is the technical provider to Fredrikstens historical AV experience. We have projected and provided sound, image, lighting and control systems, including installation.YIT is Norway’s leading supplier of technical building installations.
Our main areas of expertise are HVAC, electronics, automation, energy management, piping, information technology, AV-solutions and safety.
We are also the leading provider of services to technical building installations and services for property -management.

If you wish to know more about YIT and its services, call 69179500, mail us at or visit of homepages at