The story and the experience starts in 1644. Norway was for hundreds of years in union with Denmark, and Denmark-Norway … Continue reading


The war was re-kindled later that year, and during just 18 months, the Swedes attacked Halden in three independent campaigns. … Continue reading


First period of construction lasted approximately 10 years, until 1671. Construction included the walls around what is known today as … Continue reading


Most of the defences were ready when the Great Northern War started. First in the year 1700 where the Swedes … Continue reading


It all started out well for the Swedes but a few gunshots from a forward guard post called the Outer … Continue reading


The Swedes returned during the autumn of 1718. This time they mounted a series of carefully planned attacks on the … Continue reading


During the remainder of the 1700 the fortress was expanded and improved. All temporary constructions made of wood and timber … Continue reading


But in 1814 the situation escalated again. Denmark-Norway was allied with Napoleons France who had lost the Great War, and … Continue reading


On June 18th, 1826 almost the entire town burned to the ground. The reason could possibly be sparks from the … Continue reading


In the middle of the 1890s the otherwise good partnership between Norway and Sweden in its union begins to show … Continue reading


During the Second World War, the Germans setup a station at the fortress but we do not consider this to … Continue reading


In 1905 the way of life that was set in 1814 were resumed. Fredriksten was a garrison for a number … Continue reading